Room A

2021 CPAA Conference - Day 1

Room A - Day 1

9:15 am - Noon
Rural Destinations Do It Differently
10 Steps to Becoming a Place People Want to Visit
Chris Hughes
BC Hughes
A deep dive into why being different is your greatest asset. In a world of homogenization, box stores, retail strips, and fast food, the travel market is shifting and looking for more intimate and real experiences. Learn how to uncover your greatest strengths and mobilize them into possibly the next-big-thing.

Chris has a special gift. He sees opportunities to make people smile and is driven by the little things that make businesses and destinations fun and memorable. All of those things that surprise someone and make them want to capture the moment are paramount to his way of thinking. An outside the box kind of guy, Chris has a ton of experience working with tourism regions and destinations, building visitor experiences, strategies and touring routes, as well as working with private and public attractions, destination marketing organizations, mom and pop resorts, campgrounds and motels.
1:15 pm - 2:15 pm
Live-Work-Play’d Out
The New Era of Recruitment & Retention
Chris Hughes
BC Hughes
Everyone thinks their community is number one when it comes to quality of life, employment opportunities and lifestyle. Which is one of the reasons a lot of places use the same slogans to try and be unique….ironic right? Well times have changed, competition is fierce, and access to information is at your finger-tips - details like peer reviews on which community ranks the highest. In this session learn how to do it differently, focus on your real strengths and simplify by targeting one person at a time. Learn from community success stories in rural Ontario, including some developed by BC Hughes like the award winning AreYouMost? entrepreneur recruitment campaign.
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
What’s New in the Municipal World
An Update from AUMA and RMA
Barry Morishita, AUMA President
Paul McLauchlin, RMA President
With the world changing fast, Alberta’s municipalities are dealing with new and emerging issues more often than ever before. Join AUMA President Barry Morishita and RMA President Paul McLauchlin for an overview of some of the most important issues facing Alberta’s urban and rural municipalities today. This session will address land use planning issues, but also delve into other areas of importance for Alberta’s municipalities, such as the upcoming municipal elections, municipal viability, and other topics.
3:45 pm - 4:30 pm
2A. Cochrane On-demand Local Transit (COLT)
A Demand Driven Approach to Transit
Devin LaFleche
Town of Cochrane
Devin will be speaking about opportunities for small town transit and highlighting the path one municipality followed when determining the best transit system for them. The presentation will address the following questions: 
- Why the Town of Cochrane choose on-demand transit over conventional fixed routes and other options? 
- Why a stop-to-stop service with conventional community shuttle buses (21 passengers)?
- What has been the ridership and response from the public?
- How has COLT responded to COVID-19?What is the future of COLT?

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