Room A

2021 CPAA Conference - Day 2

Room A - Day 2

8:30 am - 9:45 am
3A. Social Procurement
Supporting Local Economies & Social Enterprises
Tim Coldwell, Chandos Construction
David LePage, Buy Social Canada
Courtney Mo, Momentum
It has long been known that local economic and community development outcomes are strongly correlated with levels of community social cohesion. In other words, community development is most successful when there is wide scale citizen engagement across a diverse set of groups –a condition that requires high levels of trust, reciprocity, and a commitment to the betterment of the community. This presentation will highlight some emerging factors that threaten to erode these components of community social cohesion before closing with some thoughts on how we might address these challenges in the context of post-pandemic planning.
10:00 am - 11:15 am
4A. Taking Startup Businesses
To the next level
Allen Yee
Uproot Food Collective
Allen will be speaking about his current adventure within the value-added food industry and the opportunity we see for the entire Province. He is co-founder in Uproot Food Collective a new brand and company focused on getting emerging proven locally inspired food products to national and international mass market store shelves. In short we reduce many of the inherent commercialization barriers in the food industry in getting great new local food products to market. What started as informally advising two local entrepreneurs as to how they might take their 2 person company that made great gourmet Chinese style dumplings, Honest Dumplings, from the farmer’s market to retail shelves, we now have most if not all of the necessary expertise, functions and capacity to bring proven local value added food products to market. Allen’s presentation will share with you the challenges of how local start up businesses can grow to the next level that could assist Municipalities in understanding the steps needed to take local start up businesses to the next level of growing their businesses.
1:15 pm - 2:30 pm
5A. Valleyview Passive House Town Hall
Comfortable, Affordable and Sustainable
Ben Berlinguette, Town of Valleyview
Oscar Flechas, Flechas Architecture
Passive House buildings achieve a high level of indoor air quality and obtain substantial reduction in space heating requirements compared to the standard building practice in Alberta. This presentation is aimed at all those with an interest in low energy design and construction and it will provide participants with the concepts, challenges and recent developments for high performance design and construction. 

The Valleyview Town Hall is the result of extensive collaboration between the municipality and the design and builder teams to achieve the challenging standard in a northern climate. What are those challenges? How are they overcome? As demonstrated in Valleyview, Passive House is a practical path to net-zero and a compelling approach for carbon reduction in the built environment. This municipal building is resilient in the face of changes in energy pricing, technology and climate, providing a long-term assurance of affordability
2:45 pm - 4:00 pm
6A. Legal Update
Recent Case Law and Statutory Changes
Marny Paul & Lorne Randa
Brownlee LLP

Join members of Brownlee LLP’s municipal law team for a presentation on recent decisions of the Alberta Courts in area of municipal liability, planning and development, and utility services, and changes to the Municipal Government Act and other legislation that will impact municipalities.

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