Room A

2021 CPAA Conference - Day 3

Room A - Day 3

9:00 am - 10:15 am
Balancing Regulation and Economic Development
The Dreaded Land Use Bylaw
Nick Pryce
V3 Companies of Canada
Often viewed as “The Dreaded Document,” the Land Use Bylaw can be viewed by some as a barrier to enticing development to your community. This perception may result in ad hoc and reactionary changes being made on the spot that distort the original vision for a community or create unintended complexity in future applications. In some cases, municipalities may not even be aware that they have lost a development opportunity because of how their Land Use Bylaws are structured.

These documents are often complex and created in a manner where you question if you need a scientist or an artist to effectively interpret the guidelines. A primarily dilemma is identifying the appropriate person to interpret and make those decisions, the skill set they should possess, and their awareness and understanding.  For example, do they even know why the rule is put in place or simply adhere to it just because the rule exists?

Although Land Use Bylaws can create frustration, cost and risk to development, they also are an important tool to guide decision-making related to conflicting land uses while providing some certainty to communities and businesses by establishing expectations related to development in their area. So how can we make them better and avoid creating the ad-hoc, reactive changes that arise from a single development issue? Ultimately, these documents shape a community based on what Council considers to be a reasonable level of acceptable development.

Nick Pryce has experience drafting and implementing Land Use Bylaw regulations across Canada and New Zealand, and will share his experiences of the challenges faced by municipalities and how those were overcome to create useful Land Use Bylaws. He will share his insights on how these documents can be improved to become more user and business friendly without compromising the integrity of your community.
10:30 am - Noon
Thriving, Not Surviving
Community Building Through School Revitalization
Kevin Van Lagen, M. ED.
Principal of Altario and Consort Schools
BAs the heartbeat of rural communities, the local school can either rejuvenate or devastate the surrounding area. Too often, rural schools are in survival mode, but what happens when we re-imagine our schools so that both the local school and community are revived and begin to thrive? Making the school and community synonymous by pooling resources and uniting around a unique vision is invaluable to reversing the fatigue surrounding rural sustainability. Follow the story of how one small school and tiny community changed the narrative and re-imagined themselves into a thriving school community.
Noon - 12:15 pm

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